Q2/2024 Newsletter
- written by Roland BOLE (Instructor)
This edition of the #icAcademy newsletter includes a summary of the latest blog posts with some thoughts from my side and a course community update.
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Hello again 👋 and welcome to this newsletter. We are pleased to present a short recap of last quarter’s updates on IC Academy activities.

Let us Recap

The past few months have been incredibly intense, that is why we have tried to gather all the highlights from this period in this newsletter.


In this section, we aim to provide you with a recap of the most recent articles, just in case you missed them.

In April 2024 we started with an exciting experiment aimed at finding a way to measure the views of our blog entries. While using a central analytics software is an option, we sought after a solution specific to the Internet Computer. Our findings and the implementation process are detailed in our article: “How to Implement a Blog-View Counter using Astro and Svelte on the Internet Computer!”

As the 3rd ICP anniversary approached, Dominic Williams wrote an article titled “10 Reasons The Internet Computer Will Win. ” Dfinity launched a contest on X, inviting the community to share how they celebrated this milestone. In response, we created a comprehensive certification process for the article. Partnering with VERIABLE , we developed a multiple-choice certification to mark this special occasion

Read the article and test your knowledge about the Internet Computer.

In May we received an X tweet from Dfinity telling us that we are in the top 3 in the competition and won a prize. We are extremely happy 🎉.

In May 2024, the 2nd ICP Community Conference took place, providing us the opportunity to showcase our work in a concise 1-minute video clip. May 2024 was a particularly eventful month, as we also had the chance to attend the ICP Hub Indonesia meetup in Bali and later the ICP 3rd Anniversary celebration in Zurich.

In June 2024 the Open Internet Summer (OIS) began, giving me the opportunity to deepen my understanding of the Internet Computer and explore various topics. One area I have been looking into recently is cycles which have become a significant focus of this event.

As a preview of an upcoming article and as part of my work for the OIS, I have developed two frontend integrations for the Internet Identity: One with Svelte and another with SolidJS. Stay tuned for a detailed article on the SolidJS and the Internet Identity integration coming soon.

Another exciting announcement is a new initiative stemming from the OIS. One of the OIS rules is to post daily updates on your findings. This prompted us to create a new section for YouTube playlists on our website: YouTube Playlists . The first playlist is featuring my daily OIS updates. More will be added later this year.

One of my goals in OIS has been - and still is - to create an example of Verifiable Credentials on the Internet Computer using Motoko. Currently, this is only feasible for Rust, Dfinity engineers are working on a Motoko integration.

See this blog post for more information: forum.dfinity.org

In the meantime, I will focus on developing a classic Web2 use case for the Internet Identity. This involves creating a user registration system where users can store their personal information linked to their Internet Identity.

Do you know that we already have a great quiz on the Internet Identity? Study the references and check out the quiz:

Tweets to Highlight

Course Community Feedback

We are thrilled to announce that our course ”Build Static Websites on the IC”, also known as ”Master Deployments of Static Websites on the IC”, is now listed on the official Education Hub.

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Course update

In June 2024 we have updated the course project template with the latest npm versions R 1.0.2.

Thank you to all our new attendees for registering for our course! We are excited to have you on board and cannot wait to embark on this learning journey together. Your enthusiasm and commitment inspire us. Get ready to master the deployment of static websites on the Internet Computer and explore new opportunities. Let us achieve great things together!

We are also thrilled that some of you have secured your accounts with Internet Identity. For those who have not yet, give the Internet Identity a try - it is free, secure, and eliminates the need for passwords.

As part of our monthly update, we encourage all participants to join our OpenChat community channel. This is where all updates are shared and, over time, it will become the primary source for disseminating information.

Thanks for reading and feedback is always welcome.

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Best Regards
BOLE Roland