How We Celebrate the 3rd ICP Anniversary!
- written by Roland BOLE (Instructor)
Three years have passed since the genesis event on May 10, 2021 which I watched on TV from my living room. Today, as we mark this anniversary, I am not alone in reflecting on the incredible journey it has been - also in my personal development in this field of technology.
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🎈Let’s celebrate!

To celebrate this remarkable milestone we have developed a free certification based on the influential article “10 Reasons The Internet Computer Will Win” by Dominic Williams.

The article “10 Reasons The Internet Computer Will Win” by Dominic Williams highlights the top ten reasons why the Internet Computer is significant for the long term, serving as an excellent source of inspiration and knowledge. As such, it is a treasure trove of potential questions and answers. Additionally, the article references further readings that are invaluable for expanding the understanding of the Internet Computer.

Our work is also inspired by the tweet below (not sure if anyone wants to vote for us 🙏):

The free certification we have composed based on the mentioned article you can approach in two phases. Cypherspace Rookie and Cypherspace Master.

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Cypherspace Rookie

First, on the Cypherspace Rookie path. Take our free quiz and review all the articles included in it. You can see this quiz as an appetiser which should make you want more. By the way, also all other quizzes we offer are a free source of knowledge and an awesome resource. You can attempt the quiz multiple times. There is also a “Show solution” button available 😅.

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Cypherspace Master

Second, as a Cypherspace Master who accepts the challenge of a certification. Be aware that it is not as simple as it seems! The exam duration is 60 minutes and you have to master the exam with 30 questions with more than 60% correct answers. We use a multiple choice exam with single response. That means, there is one correct answer per question.

For further information on the certification process, all the requirements, and the badge you will receive upon passing the multiple-choice / single response exam, please refer to the link below.

If you accept the challenge, click the book now button to start your journey on our certification platform.

The registration process is very simple. All you need is your email address. Internet Identity is not available for the first registration because of KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations. If your registration is successfully completed you can link your Internet Identity for further logins.

Certificate of Participation

This is the moment of passing the exam and receiving the certificate.

Passing the exam it demonstrates your extensive knowledge of the Internet Computer. In recognition of your achievement you will immediately receive a PDF certificate, a VVC (VERIABLE Verified Credential) which can be loaded in your Apple wallet, and a shareable badge to commemorate your exceptional performance across your socials.

Certificate of Participation

This is what your certificate looks like.

With the QR code and the certification number on the PDF certificate your achievement can be verified. The verified credential is stored as a json file in the W3C Verified Credential Format on the Internet Computer.

In the near future we plan to expand this offering by including an NFT - more details to come.

Certificate of Participation

This is the moment when the validity of your certification is verified.

To guarantee you are fully prepared and informed about what happens during the certification process, we have put together a simple slideshow that covers all the essential details.

We hope you share our excitement. Join us in celebrating the 3rd ICP Anniversary!