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We believe that the Internet Computer is the next step in the evolution of the web to Web3. Coming from Web1, the Internet Computer allows built-in secure and unstoppable web applications without cloud providers as intermediaries - for a secure and green decentralised internet.
With the IC Academy we love to take developers on this journey of web transformation and to enable them to build solutions that are only possible on the Internet Computer. In our courses and articles you get easy to use guidelines and hands-on examples to implement real applications.
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How We Celebrate the 3rd ICP Anniversary!
Three years have passed since the genesis event on May 10, 2021 which I watched on TV from my living room. Today, as we mark this anniversary, I am not alone in reflecting on the incredible journey it has been - also in my personal development in this field of technology.
Below is a selection of customer projects we have had the opportunity to assist with. They are focused on the European subnet of the Internet Computer.
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We provided consultancy services for VERIABLE, aiding in the launch of their static website on the Internet Computer within the European subnet to ensure GDPR compliance. VERIABLE is a comprehensive SaaS platform tailored for creating, organizing, and selling both online and offline courses, along with managing certification processes.
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Discover samlinux, a cloud and blockchain development company based in Austria. Samlinux offers different SaaS products and modern web development. The company is recently presenting its brands and services on a consolidated and unified website.