February 2024 Newsletter
- written by Roland BOLE (Instructor)
This edition of the #icAcademy newsletter includes a summary of the latest blog posts, the announcement of the new release feature, some platform updates, a further announcement of a new free quiz, and an update of our course: "Master Deployments of Static Websites on the Internet Computer".
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Hello again 👋 and welcome to this newsletter. We are pleased to present our monthly updates on IC Academy activities.

Let us Recap

Wow, what a month! We did a lot, let us summarise it.


In this section we would like to give you a summary of the latest articles, in case you have missed it. All of them are starter kits to help you get up and running with the Internet Computer.

Don’t forget, all starter kits are available on our blog blog.icacademy.at/blogs/starterKit.

The month started with a clean starter kit about Alpine.js. It demonstrates the classic sayHelloTo function, with a form and a simple spinner functionality. This article contains also a video on how you can use the template.

The second starter kit of this month - a great one - was Angular on the Internet Computer. This is something I personally have worked on for a while and therefore I am very proud to share it with two possible ways to work with Angular 17. The repository contains two branches / solutions:

  1. Solution 1 with .env file and custom-webpack
  2. Solution 2 with Angular environment implementation

And last but not least, SolidJS. This starter kit seems to be my favourite for further work. I will dive deeper into it and see how SolidJSs performance can improve the user experience for applications on the Internet Computer.


Releases are a new feature on the blog. The aim is to improve the starter kits and the upcoming code-lab examples with different Github releases for a project. With multiple versions for a repository we can provide a better learning experience, especially for beginners.

Imagine you have a starting point for the setup and the code-lab describes a problem for you to solve. At the end, you can check your solution by checking out the final solution proposal. That is the idea behind the releases.

Checkout our latest release for the SolidJS starter kit to get an idea.

Platform Updates

The blog.icAcademy.at project is also an experiment to see how and what it means to run a serious project directly on-chain.

Maybe some people believe that a project on the Internet Computer must be rocket science like a new decentralised exchange (DEX), a non-fungible token (NFT) trading platform or a project that combines Bitcoin and Ethereum in a simple application.

I do not think so, because running an application in AWS, Google, Vercel or any other centralised platform is our daily business. But, running the same application independently is what makes the Internet Computer so interesting. If we talk about decentralised infrastructure, then this project tries it out.

In the coming months I will give more insights on topics like:

  • What does it cost to run a project like this on-chain?
  • What does this mean for the development?
  • What are the practical aspects of such a project?
  • And similar questions.

The blog is running with Astro as a static site for now. Currently, we have a very good rating on Google’s PageSpeed. Nevertheless, we must continue to improve it gradually.

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Free Quizzes

This month we have published a new quiz Master Internet Computer Basics. This quiz contains five sections about the basics of the Internet Computer. On the quiz main page you can also find all references needed to master it (see references on the quiz page).

Accept the challenge, learn and test your limits, unlock your potential 💪.

Community - Course Usage

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This month again, the number of attendees of our course Master Deployments of Static Websites on the Internet Computer has grown with participants from all over the world.

You are the best 👍 and motivate us every day to provide more useful articles and quizzes to master your transition from Web2 to Web3.

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Express an Apology

We have to express an apology because currently we do not have all countries in the world listed in the attendees profile. It depends on the platform, VERIABLE, we use to host our courses. VERIABLE is an EU based company and initially focused on European countries. In the foreseeable future we are happy that we will be able to offer more countries selectable for attendees. In the meantime, simply choose a country next to you.

Last month, there was also an update of the course content and on the underlying project template. In module 3 “Development and Deployment of a Website on the Internet Computer”, chapter “Deploy and Test your Site Locally” we have removed step 3 because it is no longer needed with the current dfx version (0.17.0). We have also updated the project template on Github with the latest npm packages.

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You are so powerful

We would like to thank all course participants again, you are so powerful, we are very proud of you for taking this course. Those who have not yet completed the course 100%: Finalise the course and secure your course certificate.

We would like to invite all participants to join our OpenChat community channel. All updates are posted there and in the medium term this channel will be the first place for information dissemination.

Thanks for reading and feedback is always welcome.

Enjoying our content? Do not forget to forward and share it with your friends!

Best Regards
BOLE Roland