Code Lab: VERCEL and the Internet Computer

Below you can find different versions of this Code Lab. You can copy the corresponding git clone command and clone the version you want. To copy the command use the copy icon to the right.

Alternatively, you can clone the whole repository or update it with git fetch --all and checkout a specific tag, e.g. with git checkout tags/1.0.1.

Main Packages
  • @dfinity/agent 1.0.1
  • @dfinity/candid 1.0.1
  • @dfinity/principal 1.0.1
  • @sveltejs/kit 2.5.1
  • svelte 4.2.9
Project Type
  • Web2 SvelteKit frontend, hosted on VERCEL, which accesses an already existing Motoko canister.
Backend Canister
  • Motoko
  • BMI functionality
  • Canister Id: yegl5-fyaaa-aaaak-qda4a-cai
  • JavaScript
  • Hosted on VERCEL
  • Connects to an already existing Motoko canister, using Server-Side Rendering (SSR).