Starter Kit: Astro + Svelte on the Internet Computer

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package.json has been updated to the latest versions.

Main Packages
  • @dfinity/agent 0.20.2
  • @dfinity/candid 0.20.2
  • @dfinity/principal 0.20.2
  • svelte 4.2.8
  • astro 4.1.2
Project Type
  • Two canisters (frontend and backend)
Backend Canister
  • Motoko
  • Contains a small Glossary database and delivers a specific Glossary entry by Id to the frontend.
  • It also shows an example on how a given principal Id only can execute a function and on the usage of custom result and error types.
  • Astro with a svelte component Glossary that accesses the Internet Computer.
  • Uses the ready to use actor, provided by the dfx generate command.