Code Lab: How to Work with Result Types

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Main Packages
  • @dfinity/agent 1.0.1
  • @dfinity/candid 1.0.1
  • @dfinity/principal 1.0.1
  • svelte 4.2.12
  • sveltejs/kit 2.5.4
Project Type
  • Two canisters (frontend and backend)
Backend Canister
  • Motoko
  • Contains a small dictionary database
  • Contains the public functions addWord and getWord
  • Focuses on the use of the Result type
  • SvelteKit
  • Shows the use of a Result type in JavaScript
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Feel free to add the frontend application part for the addWord function and also an error (#err) Result type, if a new entry cannot be stored successfully in the data store by your own as an exceriece.