Where we come from

Roland BOLE - Instructor
Roland Bole heard about the Internet Computer in early 2021 and followed up the genesis event and production network launch of the Internet Computer in May 2021. The concept of the Internet Computer as World Computer with an advanced DAO, WebAssembly-based smart contract execution, and a sovereign network of node machines inspired Roland to dive deeper and step into the Internet Computer community.
By participating in the Motoko Bootcamp in 2022 and completing the intermediate track, Roland expanded its knowledge in Motoko programming and dApp deployment on the Internet Computer. With the development of VERIABLE, a qualification and certification platform two key elements of the Web3 Internet Computer ecosystem are integrated in a Web2 productive application: The Internet Identity as secure authentication and the VERIABLE Verified Credentials (VVC) as tamper-proof and immutable certificates.

What we offer

With the IC Academy now we continuously deliver Internet Computer skills in various course types, contents, and learning formats for people who will develop in the state of the art Web3 blockchain technology and start deploying on the Internet Computer. With our courses you can expect:
  • Cutting-edge technologies
  • Knowledge from practitioners
  • Guided learning paths
  • Learning by doing
  • Intuitive LMS
  • Automated processes

What you get

In the courses you have:
  • Course materials with videos, quizzes, exercises, and projects
  • Unlimited access to content and updates
  • Guided learning paths from expert instructors
  • Confirmation of participation to download and share

How it works

You will get immediate access to the course content as soon as you enroll / buy the product. You can complete the lessons and tasks in your own pace. As soon as you finish the course you can immediately download the confirmation of participation. If you take the certification you will immediately see the result and get the certificate to share.


For the IC Academy courses you should have knowledge of basic web development technologies.